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AdWords help delivered

It all began with Dave Frazer, from Sun Island Pools, asking for help with his AdWords account in a Facebook group. Ella Bates saw this post and tagged Jenn Kelly, who is a friend but also an employee, at (WMP). The rest is history!   

Dave had been using AdWords for a few years but wondered if he was getting the best results that he could for his money. With Jenn’s help, performed an audit on his AdWords account and discovered that there were many areas that Dave could improve upon.  Dave was experienced enough to get his AdWords ads up and running but when Google sent him notifications that he should be using Sitelinks and negative keywords, Dave didn’t understand how to best implement these AdWords features.

During the audit WMP discovered that Sun Island Pools was running one general ad with 49 keywords; Google recommends a maximum of 20 keywords. The keywords also had a fairly low Quality Score because there was low relevance between the keywords, the ad and the landing page, all of which affects how the ad was ranking on a Google search. Through the audit our company also suggested that Google Analytics be installed on his websites as it is extremely important for measuring success and understanding what is and is not working. Ultimately, Dave can increase positive results by starting to use negative keywords so he doesn’t waste money on clicks for unrelated searches. This in turn will expand his reach and allow for more opportunity for his website to improve quality score and conversion and lower ad costs.

Dave knew that he needed help and that’s why he posted the question in the first place. However, he didn’t realize that he was spending more money each month then he needed to because he wasn’t using AdWords as effectively as he could be.  Dave wasn’t surprised by many of our suggestions because Google had recommended these revisions over the years. WMP empowered Dave by allowing him to implement changes desired by numerous small and medium sized businesses. Business owners like Dave know their products and services inside out and backwards; however, other then knowing that they need a website and digital marketing platform, they don’t know how to, or have the time to, move forward. That’s where the team at can and, in the Sun Island Pools’ case, did step in, offering our years of experience and expertise to Dave and his small business.

After conducting keyword research we decided that Sun Island Pools would benefit from creating two new landing pages that were SEO optimized and we developed 4 new ads that were relevant to the new landing pages.  The keywords that were specifically chosen for each landing page were in the ad and landing page, making everything very relevant to a users search. We also made sure to make full use of Sitelinks, CallOuts and Call Extensions to make sure the new Sun Island Pool ads were as effective at getting the right information to the right user as they could be.

As of writing this, Sun Island Pools’ new AdWords ads have been up and running for a little over a week and we have seen Dave’s click through rate more than double. The phone in his office is ringing with calls from the ads, all while staying in a budget that is lower than what Dave was spending before.

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