Search Engine Optimization company in Whitby, Ontario


SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Is the process of changing your website so that when a potential customer does a search related to your product or service your website is more likely to appear in the first page of search results. Optimizing your website for search engines can be done in many ways, but most common include using keywords, updated content, and faster loading times for both mobile and desktop.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t happen overnight. It take months to build up your rank, which is why we offer both a 6 month package and a 12 month package. We don’t guarantee how your site is going to rank for specific keywords, but we will use the best data to inform our SEO processes so that we can drive more and better organic traffic to your site.


What we do:

  • We produce a SEO report showing what you website has been doing for the past year, or since startup. This will give us our baseline to work from
  • We determine what keywords have been used to locate your website using the SEO report
  • We analyse your competitors
  • Keyword Planning to find the keywords that will provide you with the best results
  • We provide optimization recommendations for your homepage and a few key landing pages
  • Google Analytics implementation and basic configuration
  • Google Search console linking to monitor site health
  • Basic website performance reports focusing on SEO including all traffic sources and the SEO outcomes of organic traffic
  • Offpage link building

The key offerings built into all our services are

Transparency – We are clear on what we do and our process. It helps build trust.
Communication – We are great listeners. It helps us achieve your objective.
– We teach. It helps us all grow.

Those three things set us apart from other digital marketing agencies and help us build long lasting relationships with clients that want to mature their digital strategies.

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