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We shine a light on all the dark corners of your business.

We help you make better decisions by showing you where you were, the current state of affairs, and where you are headed. With access to timely insights, you can better manage your business.

We help you identify and measure what matters.
We build tactical dashboards.
We do the hard bits and connect the last mile of analytics for you.

Each strategy and tactic has a purpose, correct?
You have the desired outcome for each thing you do, right?

Good! Now let’s put the metrics that matter into a dashboard so you can better manage your business.
WebMarketingPro has out-of-the-box solutions that include consulting time so each dashboard can be customized for your business.

Here are a few of the dashboards:

Social Reach, Engagement and Website Social Outcomes

The perfect dashboard if you’re spending a lot of time/effort/money on social


SEO, Content Management and Website SEO Outcomes

Organic traffic Landing pages
Referral Traffic Landing pages
Organic Keywords

PPC and Digital Marketing Performance

AdWords metrics
ROAS Spend

Email Campaign Performance

Email engagement metrics
Email traffic web behaviors and outcomes

Website Health and usability

Uptime – website monitoring
Reliability – page errors
Pagespeed for landing pages
High bounce rate landing pages

Financial Health

Bank statements [transactions, deposits, withdrawls]