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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is Measurable!

We have a data driven approach to digital advertising and overall digital marketing that optimizes for return on investment.
We combine the advertising metrics with your business objectives and your website’s Key Performance Indicators to deliver the most value for your digital budget.
It all starts with a digital measurement plan.

In order to optimize, you need to look at the whole user experience, not just the marketing creative, messaging and targeting.

Call Bobby today to start your digital advertising campaigns with:

Google AdWords

Our specialty is a data driven approach to optimizing search and video advertising campaigns. Most agencies will focus on impressions and click thrus and prioritize spend based on these metrics in the AdWords data. Our expertise in Google Analytics gives us the ability to know what happens after the ad click and to determine which campaigns are most effective at driving the outcomes you want out of each ad clicked.


Target your prospects by interests, location, demographics & more.
Facebook offers some of the best targeting options.
We use Google Analytics to track Facebook campaigns that drive traffic to your website.
The complete story of Facebook ad performance and the resulting website behaviours and outcomes are available in a single report.

We manage and optimize campaigns so you can focus on what you do best. Or we build reports with all your relevant FB and website metrics that help you decide what to do.