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Google Analytics

You may have Google Analytics on your website already, but are you getting insights that help you optimize?
Is Google Analytics on every page of all your sites?
Can you have confidence in Google Analytics…is it tracking properly?

Google Analytics is not automatically configured for your business. You are missing out on some important advantages if you don’t customize your account.
Here are few things our Google Analytics consultants can do for you:

  1. Connect or link your Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, Google+ & YouTube accounts
  2. Set up filters for different views of the data to focus on location, product, specific properties, specific segments
  3. Set up goals
  4. Create custom segments for differing marketing objectives
  5. Track on site search to inform SEO enhancements and to discover what users can’t find on your website
  6. Track eCommerce transactions, details, etc.
  7. Create custom dashboards to track performance of each key business objective

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