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Marketing Is Like Physics

Marketing is like Physics
Marketing is like Physics

I was inspired to write this article while listening to Lawrence Krauss explain the history of physics from Plato to the Large Hadron Collider.

Krauss began by talking about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and how advances in science are uncovering reality, like an unchained prisoner exploring outside the cave for the first time. Measurement techniques are changing in physics and marketing! My takeaway for marketers – when it’s not possible to measure directly through current means, then innovate and measure indirectly. Carry out experiments to test your model. Observe the effects of your campaign particles directly or through other means.

Copernican view of the Customer

I encourage you to read about Nicolaus Copernicus if you are not familiar with his contributions to science and his struggles along the way.

Some companies are steeped in tradition (just like some Churches) and have refused to get on the Cluetrain. Some marketers find themselves in the same position as Copernicus. Customers do not revolve around brands, brands revolve around customers. You are not the center of your customer’s galaxy. Customers are at the center of your galaxy, and there are lots of other brands that are revolving around them too so be careful not to fall out of orbit or …Continue reading “Marketing Is Like Physics”