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Google Data Studio

Google announced a free version of Data Studio at this year’s Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote that will allow you to create and share beautiful interactive reports from multiple data sources.

Data connectors for the Google Ad and Analytics ecosystem let you pull that data (AdWords, BigQuery, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Youtube Analytics) into Data Studio. You can also pull in data from other sources, although I’m not sure if that will be just through Google Sheets, the cloud SQL connector or other pre-built connectors.

This tool will compete with other visualization tools such as: Domo, Tableau, Klipfolio, Chartio, Cyfe

Google Data Studio is a completely new, free version of Data Studio 360 that we’re launching today! Starting now, anyone can use Data Studio to create up to 5 reports with unlimited sharing, editing and collaboration. We’re starting the BETA in the U.S. and rolling out to other regions throughout the year.”

Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio Beta (free version) is not available in Canada yet


Here is the Introduction to Google Data Studio video: