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Web Marketing Governance

Web analytics governance is just one facet, one team, in the bigger picture of web marketing governance.
While web analytics governance is exclusive to the team responsible for the tool and
(sometimes) reporting, web marketing governance is about getting the whole marketing department aligned.

Web Marketing Governance example

Team – Process
Marketing – creates the ads and the business success measures
Ad Operations – Flights the ads with tracking codes
Web Analytics – Implements and maintains tracking tool
Business/Web Analyst – Generates reports and insights

At the level of web marketing governance, we are talking about the management of the people and processes from campaign creation to operation and executive reporting levels.

Governance, at the very least, should answer these basic questions:

  • What are the processes?
  • Who is responsible for the process?
  • Where does this team receive their input?
  • Is the input validated by the previous team?
  • What validation steps are taken before output?

Governance Documentation

Decent web marketing governance should always include documentation.
Read/write access to the documentation is also important. This will be a living document; something that will change over time with each change in business processes.
Don’t let your web analytics governance documents get out-of-date.
I recommend using your intranet, shared drive, Sharepoint, private wiki some other collaborative tool. Something with change logs that allows you to set access control levels among users would be best.



Over the last 2 years I’ve seen a trend of the moniker of web analytics giving way to plain ole analytics.
Web analytics has turned into Digital Analytics and then into Business Analytics.
Much of that has to do with integration of once discrete analytics data silos.

It won’t be long until web marketing governance is just wrapped up under analytics governance.

Bobby Kelly

Bobby has been doing digital for 20 years, first as a web designer, then as a mobile and web applications developer, and as an analytics consultant since 2010. He also enjoys family times, soccer and rocking in the band.

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